A Canine Born with Deformed Front Limbs Amazes Everyone with Its T-Rex Style Locomotion!

Ruben, a lovable puppy, was rescued from Romania by the British charity Safe Rescue for Dogs. Despite being born with only two working legs, he doesn’t let his deformity hinder him from running around like a T-REX. He holds his deformed front paw like a tyrannosaurus rex forelimb and hops around on his back legs. Zoe Hare, a charity worker, stated that Ruben is full of energy and doesn’t understand that there’s anything different about him. He approaches everything in life with the same enthusiasm as any other four-legged pup. This village in Eastern Europe has also been home to Roo, another adorable puppy who was saved earlier this year.

A dog with a deformed front paw has captured hearts with his unique way of getting around. Instead of using his paw, he holds it up like a tyrannosaurus rex forelimb and balances on his tail. The pup, named Ruben, was rescued by UK-based charity Safe Rescue for Dogs from a village in Eastern Europe where he faced certain death. Despite his disability, Ruben is a happy and energetic dog who puts the same enthusiasm into everything he does as his four-legged counterparts. According to Zoe Hare, a charity worker, Ruben “doesn’t understand there is anything wrong with him.” Passers-by are often delighted and confused by Ruben’s dinosaur-like stomping and bounding.

Karen Stanway, a 31-year-old owner, has adopted an adorable two-legged puppy named Reuben from Romania with the hope of giving him a refreshed outlook on life. Karen fell in love with Reuben before even meeting him and was thrilled to see how well he fit into her household, playing with her other dog and going for walks despite his disability. Although Reuben’s bubbly personality shines through, Karen admits that she receives strange looks from people passing by, with some even suggesting that he should have been put to sleep. Despite this, Karen affirms that Reuben is a happy dog who doesn’t know anything is wrong with him but does tend to tire quickly from the extra energy exerted from using only his back legs as a Jack Russell Collie cross.

According to her, it took few weeks to finally acquire him after repeatedly inquiring about him. During this waiting period, she took the time to plan and prepare for his arrival by constructing ramps, gates, and brainstorming ideas that could enhance his life. As the puppy is young and full of energy, Karen came up with a solution to provide him with a set of wheels that would allow him to run around freely. Karen also mentioned that the puppy has developed a strong bond with her five-year-old daughter, Penny. To assist with the cost of the wheelchair, Karen has launched a crowdfunding page requesting £500 in donations from strangers. She believes that the puppy deserves this chance to experience the freedom he is entitled to after everything he has been through in his short life.

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