A Feline’s Mischevious Plot: Woman’s Attempt to Find Stray Kitten a Home Foiled

Kēnya, a pet groomer based in Denver, had an unexpected encounter with a stray kitten not too long ago. One of her regular clients brought the feline to her shop after finding it in his yard. Despite being allergic to cats, he couldn’t leave the little one to fend for itself, so he turned to Kēnya for help. She set up a cozy spot for the kitten at her shop and got to work trying to locate its owner. This involved making phone calls and scouring the internet, as well as driving around the area where the kitten was found in hopes of spotting any missing cat posters.

Woman Tries to Find Stray Kitten a Home, But the Kitty Has a Different Plan  - Love Meow

After finding a stray kitten without any identification, Kēnya decided to bring him home for the night with the intention of taking him to a rescue group the following day. However, no one came forward to claim the kitten and he did not have a collar or microchip. The family believed that it was best to find the kitten a loving home but the furry friend had other ideas.


The affectionate ginger kitten quickly became a beloved member of the household, bonding with both humans and other pets. He formed a special connection with a resident puppy named Edward and a feline friend called Baby Cat. According to Kēnya, “Everyone adored him, but Edward’s fondness for him was particularly heartwarming.”

The little feline cozied up to its dog buddy and snuggled in close, creating an instant bond between the two. They hit it off right from the start, behaving as if they shared a deep sibling connection, and spent their time playing and cuddling with each other endlessly.


The senior feline, who typically disliked kittens, seems to have changed his perspective towards the new addition. Despite being unrelated, the adult cat has embraced the role of an elder brother and has taken great care of the little one. They appear to be a part of the same family, which is why Kēnya couldn’t bring herself to separate them after seeing their strong bond develop so quickly.

During this time, Kēnya remained vigilant and regularly scoured Lost Pets posts on the internet and at nearby animal shelters. Despite checking for a couple of weeks, there were no updates. Her daughter affectionately called the kitten Popsicle, and they decided to adopt him as a full-time member of their family.


Maybe the little feline had a hunch that he had finally met his lifelong companion when they unexpectedly came across each other on that particular day.

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