“A Feline’s Unusual Journey to Finding Love and Friendship: The Heartwarming Tale of an Earless Cat and Its Unexpected Best Buddy”

Introducing Potato, the cutest and most charming earless cat you will ever lay your eyes on. This furry little guy was once a stray cat roaming the busy streets of China before being rescued by a local animal shelter. Two years ago, poor Potato was found sick and abandoned with serious ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and flaps, a condition that required immediate treatment. Though the vets were able to remove the adenoma, it unfortunately returned, and they advised removing his ear flaps and canals altogether to prevent a recurrence of the disease.

Thankfully, Potato is now on the road to recovery and has finally found his forever home, as well as a new best friend in Horlick. His new owners even confirm that he can still hear! “Potato was a stray cat, so no one knows when he was born or how old he is,” they wrote on Instagram. However, they estimate that the handsome boy is around 6 years old. As they adopted him on April 25, 2019, they celebrate this day as Potato’s birthday. Be sure to check out his adorable photos and vote for your favorites!






















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