A Furry Little Friend with No Tail Hops Straight into the Heart of His New Owner

A darling Manx kitty has been adopted by a loving family after being abandoned and left to fend for herself. The kind-hearted family from North Carolina rescued the pregnant feline from their doorstep and gave her a cozy place to birth her kittens. Among the litter was an adorable tailless kitten who stood out from his siblings. Due to his unique condition, he required additional attention to ensure he thrived. Fortunately, the affectionate kitten has finally found his forever home where he’ll be showered with love and care.

tailless kitten, Manx cat, standing up

As soon as the kittens were finished feeding, they sought help. Stephanie Grantham, who co-founded Love Meow, explained that Manx cats often develop spinal malformations that can affect their hindquarters. Therefore, it was crucial to concentrate on strengthening the kittens’ hind legs to ensure healthy growth and development.

tailless kitten, manx cat

Thumper is an adorable kitty who has been receiving regular attention to treat his wounds and prevent further infections. He has also been exercising daily, which has helped him learn to jump using only his hind legs, making him look like a bunny in motion. Stephanie, Thumper’s owner, revealed that when she first adopted him, he showed no interest in using his hind legs, so she had to encourage him by making him jump in and out of a small box and push off his back legs. Despite his condition, Thumper remains cheerful and loves climbing and chasing laser beams around the house. Stephanie describes him as an innocent and endearing kitty who seems oblivious to his physical limitations.

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This adorable little feline is absolutely smitten with curling up on the laps of its human companions and dozing off. With a lovable personality, this kitty gets along well with everyone, including other dogs and cats. Whenever someone pets it, the kitten’s purring motor kicks in, and it craves more snuggles. Fortunately, Thumper was adopted by a wonderful family that already had two other cats, making it a perfect fit. At eight weeks old, Thumper is loving life with its new family. The rescue group that supported Thumper has helped over 200 cats and kittens this year and relies heavily on donations to keep up their work. To provide assistance, visit their website and social media platforms.

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