A Heartwarming Story of Brave Rescuers Saving a Terrified and Wounded Puppy Hiding in a Bag

The timid little canine just wanted some peace and quiet to himself!

Animal Aid received a distress call about a puppy that was both sick and injured. The poor thing was also extremely scared of humans. Upon hearing this news, the team quickly sprang into action to rescue the puppy. However, when they finally reached him, he was so frightened that he cowered under a nearby bag.

The dog was in a state of distress, injured and scared, and had lost trust in humans. It would only hide in a bag, avoiding any interaction. However, the rescuers found a way to lure the dog out by using crackers as bait, and it proved successful!

Jumper was taken to a specialized facility where he could receive the necessary treatment and care.

Thankfully, his condition has improved!

Check out the video provided for additional details.

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