A Heartwarming Tale of New Life: Mama Dog Left at Shelter While 9 Weeks Pregnant, Gives Birth to 14 Adorable Pups.

On the night of December 22nd, a pregnant cat named Mam Nata was abandoned outside of IAPA. She was approximately 8 weeks into her pregnancy and close to giving birth.

Upon discovery by Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA), the female dog appeared frail and unable to stand. Her demeanor was also fearful, requiring a significant amount of time to soothe. Sadly, her owner abandoned her due to her fearfulness towards impending motherhood. At first, the mother dog was apprehensive towards the shelter volunteers, exerting all her energy to keep them away from her and her unborn puppies. However, with time, she became more at ease and began to interact socially with the IAPA team.

“Wow, check out her belly – there could be around 13 or 14 little ones inside of her. One of our volunteers mentioned that she seems quite frail, so we’re hoping to arrange her examination for tomorrow.”

Get ready for a late night as we accompany Natajuli to her ultrasound appointment to make sure everything is going smoothly. Afterward, Natajuli is able to go back to the shelter with the support she needs for giving birth. The first little one to arrive is an alert and lively baby boy.

Counting the number of puppies might be a challenge, but Natajuli has given birth to a whopping 14 adorable little ones. Recently, Natajuli and her litter visited the vet for a quick check-up, including an ultrasound and blood tests. Despite feeling a bit embarrassed, Natajuli’s health was in good shape. Her puppies, on the other hand, were plump and weighed quite a bit. It’s hard not to fall in love with such cuteness, as one can’t help but want to shower them with kisses.

Oops, I totally forgot to give names to my 14 adorable little pets! It’s going to be quite a challenge to come up with the perfect names for each of them. If you’re a fan of naming cute creatures, feel free to share your favorite name ideas in the comments below!

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