“A One-of-a-Kind Pup Finds the Perfect Family Who Adores His Unique Look”

In 2013, rescuers found Murray and his three Weimaraner siblings on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. This beach is known for being a place where people abandon their unwanted pets. The puppies were still very young, only around 12 weeks old, but they were already showing signs of distemper. This virus is extremely dangerous and can cause serious damage to a dog’s neurological system.

According to Christina Beckles, who is the founder and president of The Sato Project, a group that saves abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico, she noticed something odd while stroking Murray on the examination table. She heard a clicking sound coming from his jaw, which is one of the signs of distemper. After this point, there is no known cure for this disease, and the infected dog may experience seizures and suffer from brain damage. Due to this, Beckles and the vet decided to put Murray down to relieve him of his suffering in a humane manner. However, when the time came, the vet had a change of heart.

Beckles shared that she brought Murray over to the table where he happily wagged his tail, while she couldn’t help but feel emotional. Unfortunately, Murray’s chances of survival were slim as one of his siblings had already passed away due to distemper. It was revealed by Cathy Meeks, a board-certified veterinarian at BluePearl Veterinary Hospital in Tampa, Florida, that 80% of pups with distemper do not survive. The most effective way to prevent distemper is through vaccination, which unfortunately, Murray and his littermates didn’t receive since they were strays.

However, Murray’s condition has been showing signs of improvement after receiving proper medical attention. Nevertheless, he still experiences some health problems such as seizures. Distemper caused his skull to develop abnormally, resulting in a crooked face and a somewhat flat head. “His facial features used to be perfectly balanced, but now they’re a little uneven,” shared Mackenzie Gallant, Murray’s caring adoptive mother.

Murray faced dental issues, resulting in the extraction of most of his teeth that led to his tongue hanging outside. However, none of these problems affected Gallant and her family, consisting of her parents, two younger brothers, two rescue dogs, and a cat. They welcomed Murray as their foster pet in November 2013 and officially adopted him just before Christmas the same year.

Gallant expressed her fondness towards Murray, calling him her most beloved dog. She shared that he sleeps in her room every night and she simply adores him. Despite leaving for college in 2016, Gallant maintains a connection with Murray and makes an effort to keep in touch with him. While it was tough saying goodbye to all her pets, Gallant says that Murray holds a special place in her heart.

Gallant shared that she regularly uses FaceTime to connect with Murray, and surprisingly, Murray still sleeps in her room. Even when Gallant is away at school, Murray insists on spending the night in her room, complete with his own pillow and blanket. What’s more, he even understands simple commands like “it’s bedtime” and will happily run up to her room.

Gallant cherishes spending quality time with her beloved pet Murray at home and enjoys taking him out for long walks along with her other furry companions, Pili and Fox. According to Gallant, going on walks is the most exciting part of the day for all three pets. Whenever they ask their pets if they want to go for a walk, they run off joyfully. In fact, Murray even starts howling if any of the other dogs start howling while on their walks.

Gallant stated that Murray is thriving and always in good spirits. He loves both dogs and people. It has been four years since Murray was saved, but Beckles still remembers him fondly and is thrilled that he found the perfect home.

Beckles noticed that the dog looked distinct from the rest, but it didn’t affect his love for walking and hiking. Mackenzie’s mother, Kristina, and her family have treated the dog like any other, which has made Beckles grateful for their care. He believes there couldn’t have been a better place for his furry friend.

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