Adventure Tails: The Remarkable Journey of NS.Fig and Lychee, Two Extraordinary Felines in Search of a Forever Family

Love proves to be truly blind when it comes to Fig and Lychee, two adorable cats with disabilities who have embarked on a remarkable journey across the country in search of a forever home where they can be together.

In the year 2017, Fig, a charming orange and white kitty without sight, found himself in the welcoming embrace of his new family in Seattle. He had been saved from a difficult situation in Raleigh, North Carolina, and his arrival marked the beginning of a heartwarming tale. Interestingly, he joined forces with Honey Bee, a fellow blind adventure cat who had been rescued all the way from Fiji back in 2014. Together, they formed an extraordinary bond, becoming the inseparable companions they were destined to be.

Sabrina, Fig’s loving mother, affectionately chose his name as a tribute to the delightful fruit known as figs. Much like their namesake, figs possess a rare and captivating charm, making them a truly special addition to the world of fruits. This choice of name perfectly captures both the uniqueness and biological fascination that Fig brings into their lives.

This heartwarming story showcases not only the unconditional love that Fig and Lychee share but also the timeless notion that love knows no boundaries, whether it be in the form of disabilities or geographical distances. These two extraordinary feline friends have defied those limitations, proving that love truly knows no bounds.

Fig as a tiny blind rescued kitten from North Carolina

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Photos shared on Facebook show an adorable blind cat named Fig and her owner, Sabrina Aeluro. Alongside heartwarming pictures of Fig, Sabrina also shares stories about her adopted cats. However, Sabrina’s contributions to Kitizen Science go beyond just sharing cute cat photos. She actively participates in their efforts to evaluate the impact of spay and neuter programs across the country. Additionally, a video posted by Honey Bee highlights the playful and energetic nature of blind cat Fig. Sabrina explains that, despite her blindness, Fig is just like any other kitten. She spends her time running around and playing with toys, before eventually dozing off for a while.

Blind kitten Fig laying on a cat bed

Facebook Photos:
Fruity Fun: Fig & Lychee’s Unconventional Love Story
Fig Bids Farewell to a Beloved Pal and Embraces a Fresh Connection
Regrettably, Honey Bee Passed Away in 2020, but her Journey was Radiant, Filled with Discovery, and as Sweet as Honey. Her Spectacular Existence Inspired Countless Hearts, Garnered Attention in Children’s Publications, and Delighted an Audience of Millions on YouTube.

A children's magazine features Honey Bee the blind adventure cat

An article in a children’s magazine is featuring the incredible story of Honey Bee, the adventurous blind cat, on their Facebook page. The magazine shares the heartwarming tale of how Honey Bee’s family, despite their sadness over her passing, decided to continue saving cats in her honor. Eventually, they came across Lychee, a rescued kitten from Florida who was both blind and deaf. Just like Honey Bee’s sibling, Fig, Lychee was named after a tropical fruit.

Sabrina, the cat’s owner, expressed her excitement and determination to provide Lychee with the best possible life. She was eager to learn how to play with the blind and deaf feline and ensure her happiness. As they celebrated Lychee’s two-year adoption anniversary, Sabrina reminisced on their journey together. Lychee was adopted from Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in Florida, and the first photo of her was taken at the airport while they anxiously awaited their flight to Seattle, which would be her new home. Sabrina acknowledged that for many cats born blind and deaf, their fate might have been grim, but Lychee was fortunate enough to find a shelter that took excellent care of her and provided her with the opportunity to find the right forever home.

Lychee as a tiny kitten rescued in Florida

Fig and Lychee Embark on a Joint Adventure
Following a delightful separation within a designated pet territory for seven days, the long-awaited moment arrived for Lychee and Fig to finally unite. Amidst numerous curious sniffs and a brief adaptation period, their blissful companionship quickly blossomed into a flurry of joyful moments.

Fig and Lychee playing on the tiled floor

They quickly engaged in a friendly wrestle and formed a close bond.

Fig and Lychee play fighting, blind cat, blind and deaf cat

Snuggling with their mama still tops the list as one of their cherished activities. They also love lending a paw to assist her in her daily tasks!
“Take a look at Fig and Lychee, luxuriously lounging on their beloved human’s workspace.”

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Lychee, the beloved canine, delighted in being the renowned ‘Smell Connoisseur,’ eagerly inhaling the various aromas carried through the open window. Her extraordinary olfactory prowess was not surprising considering her unfortunate blindness and deafness.
“Indulge in all those delightful scents, precious Lychee.”

FIg and Lychee, Lychee smells the breeze from the patio

Fig thoroughly enjoys perching himself in a variety of objects, be it grocery bags, backpacks, boxes, or suitcases. It’s amusing to ponder why he derives so much pleasure from these particular items. My suspicion is that he finds their scent intriguing, especially when they have been recently exposed to unfamiliar surroundings and peculiar odors.

Fig likes to be inside bags and boxes, blind cat

Watch this adorable TikTok clip of these two cats enjoying their favorite spot on the Lotus cat tower. It’s fascinating to observe how they effortlessly sense each other and their surroundings!

When the family relocated from Seattle to Thailand, they embarked on a new adventure. Just like their previous feline companion, Honey Bee, the newest addition to the family, Fig, has an exceptional ability to pick up on even the faintest sounds. In their new home where window screens are not commonly used, Fig has taken on the role of bug hunter extraordinaire, diligently catching and devouring any larger insects that manage to find their way indoors. How fortunate they are to have Fig on constant patrol to ensure a bug-free living environment!

Fig the blind cat hunts for bugs in Thailand

He has transformed into the epitome of a perfect gentleman, exuding cuddly warmth and boundless joy.
“He’s my delightful chubby boy.”
Lychee Overcomes her Anxiety Struggles
Once, Lychee had a distressing encounter when her landlord unexpectedly approached her emitting the aroma of a dog. Being highly scent-sensitive, it surely caught her off guard.
Following that incident, Lychee began to grapple with persistent anxiety issues. Struggling with impaired vision and hearing, she becomes easily startled. However, after that frightful episode, she remained agitated, emitting fearful growls and unsettling noises throughout the night.

Lychee the blind and deaf rescued cat from Florida on a bed

In order to assist her, she began taking medication specifically designed to reduce anxiety, and the results were nothing short of remarkable.
Similar to humans, cats can also experience mental health challenges, despite it being a taboo subject. However, her progress is truly remarkable.
Sabrina divulged, “My intention is to demonstrate that even cats with physical disabilities can still lead a fulfilling life. All they require is a little extra compassion and empathy. The same principle applies to Lychee and her mental health struggles.”

Fig and Lychee together, blind cat, blind and deaf cat

To catch a glimpse of Fig and Lychee’s adventures, be sure to check them out on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Fig and Lychee play on a Lotus cat tower

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