An Adorable Feline with a Dashing Mustache Takes Social Media by Storm, Earning Comparisons to the Legendary Freddie Mercury

Mostaccioli, a well-known feline, has captured the attention of the internet with its distinctive black mark above its lip. This remarkable stray cat was discovered by its owner, Natalie, in California (USA), along with its three siblings, at just one day old on August 30, 2020.

As Mostaccioli has matured, it has become a beloved companion and garnered a substantial following of online fans. Many enthusiasts have swiftly recognized the cat’s striking resemblance to the late Freddie Mercury, the iconic lead singer of the band Queen, who tragically passed away from HIV on November 24, 1991.

Mostaccioli’s semi-circle lip gives the stray cat a distinctive look.

Mercury, the performer acclaimed for his lively stage presence and unique mustache, is the focus of attention. The mother of this adorable kitten is a skinny wild Bombay cat. Natalie swiftly took the litter to her workplace, providing them with a comfortable crib to ensure their welfare. However, when the time came to find new homes for the kittens, Natalie couldn’t bring herself to separate from Mostaccioli, the captivating feline, and chose to adopt her instead. Now, Mostaccioli is almost one and a half years old and has grown into a stunning pet.
Initially, Mostaccioli’s strikingly colored mustache didn’t attract much notice, but it gradually became a captivating feature that social media users adore. When one user commented on a photo where the cat seemed unimpressed, the owner playfully responded, saying, “Hahaha, she just has a cat resting face, she’s super sweet.” Others chimed in with their own compliments, calling the kitten “overload of cuteness” and expressing their love for her mustache.
Many social media users couldn’t help but note the resemblance between Mostaccioli and the iconic frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury, renowned for his outstanding talent. Comments flooded in, stating things like “If Freddie Mercury were a cat…” and “That’s Freddie Mercury.” Still, some believed that Mostaccioli bore a striking resemblance to the legendary comedian and actor Julius Henry ‘Groucho’ Marx, who sported a thick mustache as well. User comments like “Groucho kitty” and “Groucho Marx. Adorable kitten” accompanied by heart and heart-eyes emojis highlighted this comparison.

Over the years, the cat’s mustache has gradually grown darker and more distinct.

Aside from his captivating mustache, Mostaccioli also possesses mesmerizing emerald green eyes.

Natalie is now delighted and deeply attached to her beloved pet, Mostaccioli.

Despite the fact that the little kitten appears a bit unimpressive in some pictures.

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