“An Inspiring Story of a Resilient Senior Dog Who Overcame Bone Cancer and Neglectful Living Conditions”

GWARP was alerted on September 22 about an aged dog that was chained and neglected of water and food despite being ill. Despite having years of experience in animal rescue, GWARP was shocked to witness such a neglectful situation.

The dog is exhibiting symptoms of bone cancer, however, it has never received medical attention. It has been confined to a small area for several years with limited access to nutritious food resulting in osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Upon consulting a veterinarian, it was confirmed that this form of cancer is often caused by severe injury and infection leading to tumor growth. Regrettably, the observer who reported this incident witnessed the dog being mercilessly beaten by its intoxicated owner. The dog was chained and kept hidden in the backyard for an extended period. Its movements were restricted due to the short metal chain.

The GWARP rescue team encountered an issue when trying to save a boy due to the owner’s refusal to allow them to remove ‘his property.’ Despite the dog’s apparent sadness, they had to seek assistance from the local police. Fortunately, after several hours of providing the correct paperwork, the owner relented and allowed the dog to be taken away, but only after reporting it.

We made the decision to get our poor pup checked out by a vet as soon as possible. After some medical tests and blood work, it was discovered that our furry friend had Osteosarcoma – a type of bone cancer that was extremely severe. The good news was that his lungs were still clear, which gave us some hope. However, the tumor was growing at an alarming rate and causing the skin to tear due to the rapid expansion. Our boy needed an immediate amputation, and we sent samples of the affected tissues for histology. We knew that there was a long road ahead of us, but we were determined to fight this battle together.

Jordan was treated to a relaxing bath to help him forget his troubled past and remove any negative energy from his previous owner. Unfortunately, it was revealed that nothing could be done for Jordan in Azerbaijan and he would have to recover a bit more before being able to move to Turkey. His travel date has been scheduled for just a few days from now.

Upon his arrival in Istanbul, Jordan underwent a brief sedation to have X-rays taken of his entire body prior to his surgery. The procedure to amputate his tumor-ridden limb has been successfully completed and everything went smoothly.

It has been three days since Jordan’s surgery to remove his limb. Despite the major change, he has adapted quickly and is already embracing his new lifestyle. His appetite has returned, and he is thoroughly enjoying our cuisine. We hope for his swift recovery and a future filled with happiness. Our love and support are with you, Jordan.

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