“Coby: The Adorable Feline with a Striking White Coat and Blue Eyes”

The stunning cat has gained a considerable following on social media platforms such as Instagram with thousands of followers and over 3,000 likes on Facebook mainly due to its striking appearance.

My personality perfectly complements my big blue eyes. On my Instagram bio, I mention how much I love tuna, snuggling under blankets, and splashing around in the tub with my favorite rubber ducky. Unlike most of my fellow British Shorthair cats who have copper eyes and solid grey fur, I stand out with my dazzling blue eyes and unique white coat. The Daily Mail has even taken notice of my one-of-a-kind appearance!

It’s not entirely certain who Coby’s caretakers are, but it appears that they enjoy putting clothes on him. Numerous snapshots of the feline exhibit him sporting jumpers and neckties.

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