“Creating a Cozy and Stylish Home for Your Paperless Pup: Tips from a DIY-loving Family”

A puppy named Taylor had a rough time with a case of mange, and she transitioned into a beautiful, healthy pup after being rescued by Wendy.


On one day during her weekly hike, Wendy stumbled upon a puppy in the middle of the road. The puppy was lost and alone in the middle of the woods, so Wendy picked her up and brought her back to the city. She put a blanket in a box and placed the puppy inside. She decided to name her Tahlia. Tahlia was in bad shape and needed immediate care. Her spine was visibly injured and she barely had any fur left on her body. Wendy took her to the veterinarian and they treated her for her injuries. After seeing the doctor, Wendy brought Tahlia home with her. Despite her rough start, Tahlia quickly adapted to her new surroundings. She was now safe and loved in her new home with Wendy.


To get rid of the mouse problem in her house, Wendy asked for Taylor’s help and he suggested using a medicated shampoo. It was a call to keep the tiny pests still. For the first few days, Taylor was relatively quiet. However, she didn’t stay silent for long and her personality started to emerge. She was more active and playful, and her hair was growing back. Wendy heard the rodents melting away around Taylor.


When Wendy’s husband quickly realized she wanted to keep Taylor in her adopted family, he happily agreed. There was a special bond formed between Wendy and Taylor, who were from different backgrounds but found a connection. Taylor’s transformation into a healthy, beautiful dog was an incredible journey. She is now a part of their family, and Wendy is looking forward to many more years together with Taylor.

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