Dogs Wait Outside Hospital for Hours, Showing Unwavering Love and Loyalty to Their Homeless Owner During Tough Times.

Luiz is a homeless man who resides on the streets of Cianorte in Paraná, Brazil and has been without a home for two decades now. Despite being diagnosed with psychiatric issues, he declines to seek medical assistance. While living alone on the streets, he isn’t entirely alone as he has many friends who keep him company. Among his companions are a group of dogs who follow Luiz wherever he goes and have become like a family to him.

The sound of dogs crying and howling could be heard from the entrance. Eventually, they lay down on the ground and refused to leave. It was a touching scene for those at the hospital. The dogs patiently waited for Luiz, staying there for hours.

Once Luiz finished his treatment, he left through a different door and didn’t see the dogs anymore. He was then taken to his brother’s house after being discharged. However, the dogs were still waiting for him, so one of the volunteers brought Luiz back to the dogs. It was an emotional moment for everyone as the dogs were overjoyed to see him again.

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