“Dreadlocks the Magnificent Feline Sheds Precious Pounds of Majestic Mane”

Everyone can experience a lousy hair day, unfortunately for a cat named Hidey, her bad hair day lasted for an extended period. This neglected feline had severely tangled fur that resembled dreadlocks, which she endured for years until her rescue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hidey was discovered with a severe case of matting, where her fur had become so entangled that it formed clumps of hair measuring around 6 to 8 inches. These clumps were a combination of feces and tangled strands, making it incredibly hard for her to move or walk properly. However, the good news is that she now finally has the opportunity to find happiness and comfort once again.

After discovering Hidey hiding in the basement, she was brought to the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Shelter, an affiliate of the Western PA Humane Society. It took a significant amount of time to carefully remove all the tangled and matted hair, and then the decision was made to completely shave off what remained.
Hidey is now adjusting to her new home. With all the matted hair and dreadlocks gone, she is feeling an incredible sense of relief and comfort. A distant relative of her previous owner will be taking care of her, ensuring that she finally has an opportunity for a life filled with happiness and good health.

It’s not uncommon for anyone to have a rough hair day, but unfortunately for one feline named Hidey, it seemed like their hair was doomed for years of trouble. This poor cat, who was neglected and had fur so tangled it looked like dreadlocks, has finally found salvation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The tangled locks measured approximately 6 to 8 inches in length, and were a mix of tangled hair and waste material.
Once Hidey was discovered concealed in the basement, she received transportation to the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Shelter.

It took hours to untangle all the dreadlocks, and afterward, the matted hair was completely shaved off.

After getting rid of all the tangled hair and knots, Hidey is experiencing a significant improvement in her overall well-being.

A distant family member of her previous owner will provide care for her, giving her the opportunity to experience a life filled with happiness and good health.

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