“Feline Boycotts Food After Owner Chooses New Couch Over Him”

Meet Tiger Tim, a lovable ginger feline who unfortunately found himself homeless and alone in a shelter. It’s quite surprising that this happened simply because his owner decided to get a new piece of furniture – a couch to be exact. Despite being a loyal companion to his owner since he was just a tiny 3-month-old kitten, Tim was surrendered to the New York City Animal Care and Control (ACC). Thankfully, Magnificat Cat Rescue came to his rescue and placed him in a caring foster home. However, it’s evident that Tim is struggling emotionally as he tries to come to terms with losing his family and home. Unfortunately, his situation seems to be worsening day by day.

According to a recent Facebook post by the rescue, the poor animal has been refusing to eat and drink. To keep him alive, the rescue has had to force feed him for several days now. Sadly, he has lost almost 3 pounds since the owner surrendered him. However, despite his pain and discomfort, the animal has not shown any aggressive behavior. Instead, he appears to be incredibly sad and miserable, often curling up into a little ball of misery.

According to Magnificat, Tiger Tim was among the cats on the euthanasia list at the ACC shelter. Thankfully, Magnificat stepped in and saved him from being put down that very day.

Tiger Tim’s saviors were deeply troubled by the fact that he was deteriorating due to his unhappiness. As a result, he was admitted to the hospital, where tests conducted on Tuesday revealed that his white blood cell count was dangerously high, indicating the possibility of an infection. The rescue team is currently seeking donations to cover the expenses associated with Tim’s medical treatment. It will require a tremendous amount of affection and encouragement to restore his physical and emotional wellbeing. However, it is hoped that someday Tim will be able to find a new family who will cherish him more than their possessions.

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