“Feline Resilience: Love Endures as Abandoned Cat Overcomes Blindness”

Cats with disabilities are just as curious, playful, and loving as any other feline. Moet the Blind Cat had a tough start to life, born in Oman and stuffed into a wire cage with other kittens at a lonely pet store. She fell ill with cat flu, and the infection spread to her eyes. Thankfully, the Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic in Muscat saved her life, but not her eyes. After emergency surgery to remove them, Moet’s life changed when she heard the soft voice of a woman who showed her kindness. Emily, the woman who fell in love with Moet, adopted her in September 2014 and has been her loving companion ever since. Despite her disability, Moet has a sweet personality and loves to cuddle. She also has a gorgeous coat that does not require extra care and lives in a happy home with no other cat housemates. Follow Moet’s adventures on social media and check out her website for more heartwarming stories of happy endings.

I recently had a chat with Emily regarding the adorable feline named Moet. She shared some insights about this lovely cat that will surely melt your heart. When asked about Moet’s personality, Emily described her as a delightful and cheerful cat. However, Moet tends to get bored quickly, which could be attributed to her inability to sit and observe her surroundings like other cats. Consequently, she requires ample playtime and affection from her human companions, but she’s not the kind of cat that likes to cuddle on laps.

moet the blind cat

Is there something unique about Moet that you want to share with others? One thing worth mentioning is that she uses her earnings from her online store and book sales to support a local volunteer animal rescue group, donating 100% of the profits. Additionally, many people are amazed by her abilities and often ask if she is truly blind when they meet her in person. As for her furry housemates, Moet has a fellow rescue cat named Luna who was also saved by the same vet clinic that helped Moet.

Wow, her fur coat is so beautiful! I wonder if she needs assistance in keeping it that way.
Well, according to her owner, she doesn’t really require any help, but she enjoys it when she receives several brushing sessions throughout the day. She loves being groomed!
If you’re interested in following Moet the Blind Cat on social media, be sure to check out her links below. You can also visit her website for more information.

I want to express my gratitude to Emily for rescuing Moet, providing assistance to other cats in need, and granting me the privilege of sharing her heartwarming tale with our readers at Cattitude Daily. You have proved to be a guardian angel for Moet and a true champion in my eyes!
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