“From Paws to Wheels: Watch these Furry Friends Take a Joyful Bus Ride to Doggy Daycare”

In a cozy Alaskan community, a pack of furry companions engage in a daily routine that mirrors that of the locals. They patiently wait for the bus, hop aboard, and wag their tails in excitement as they greet their canine pals.

The TikTok video of dogs commuting to work has become a sensation, receiving almost 52 million views and nine million likes. Mo Mountain Mutts, a company co-owned by a husband and wife team in Skagway, Alaska, posted the video on their Facebook account. The company offers dog walking, pet sitting, and family dog training, specialising in trail dog pack walks and puppies. Mo started taking her friends’ dogs for walks during her lunch breaks before expanding to form morning and afternoon packs. The video shows the dogs getting on the bus and patiently waiting for their ride while wagging their tails and greeting their bus buddies.

Mo mentioned in the comments that there is a designated seating arrangement, and his regular customers are well aware of their allocated seats. The owners acquired the bus last winter to conveniently transport their clients. The dogs are secured with safety belts once they settle in their seats. The enthusiasm for the doggy bus amongst people is incredibly high.

The duo mentioned that while they’re not considering broadening their business, they do intend to earn some additional income using TikTok and YouTube. They also plan on conducting online training sessions.

Lee expressed his amazement while driving the bus and glancing at the dogs in the rearview mirror. He couldn’t believe that their job involves transporting dogs.

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