Giving an Abandoned Singaporean Pooch the Dignity of Last Rites: A Heartfelt Tribute to Its Life in Peace

It’s heartbreaking to think that not all rescued animals find their forever homes. Stray animals have it tough, roaming the streets in search of food and shelter, which often leads to sickness. Recently, a senior dog was found in Yishun and Canberra, wandering aimlessly. Sadly, it passed away, but it was given the respect it deserved.
On a more positive note, a 14-year-old Shih Tzu named “Baby” was discovered abandoned at a public park by a kind-hearted stray feeder on April 10, 2021. Thankfully, a rescuer stepped in and took Baby under their wing.

Purely Adoptions was credited for the rescue of a male dog named Baby, who unfortunately passed away on April 15 before he could be fostered or adopted. The rescuers were able to track down Baby’s owner, but they refused to take him back despite his old age-related ailments, which included skin conditions and heart problems. The group shared photos of Baby’s final moments and proper last rites on Facebook on April 16. Despite their initial efforts to find Baby a permanent home, he ultimately passed away before a family could be found.

Purely Adoptions deserves recognition for sharing photos of Baby’s last moments and the respectful send-off and funeral arrangements that were made for him.

Prior to Baby’s death, his rescuer had shared a post on the Purely Adoptions Facebook group page detailing the dog’s situation and urging potential fosters and adopters to come forward. Unfortunately, just four days after being rescued on April 10, the rescuer reported to the group that Baby’s condition was worsening. The dog was quickly taken to the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital for treatment, where he spent one night. Sadly, Baby was afflicted with several medical issues, including heart problems and pneumonia, and was no longer able to breathe on his own. Despite the vet providing live updates to the rescuer, Baby passed away on April 15. In a heartwarming gesture, the rescuer adopted Baby’s ashes as a way to honor and remember the beloved animal.

The little pet named Baby has been given a fitting farewell with a formal ceremony and proper last rites at Rainbow Paradise, a pet cremation service. The person who rescued Baby was present at the ceremony and took the ashes home. The post about Baby’s passing mentioned that he was loved deeply and not alone or unwanted. The rescuer expressed the wish to do more for Baby. In a heartwarming update, it was revealed that Baby has been adopted and found a new home.

We bid farewell to you, Baby. May you rest in peace.

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