In Pursuit of Warm Hugs: The Adventurous “Gremlin” Kittens Embrace Indoor Living This Winter for the Very First Time

'Gremlin' Kittens Move Indoors for the First Time, Spending this Winter in Comfort and Warmth

Four mischievous kittens have traded the chilly outdoor life for the cozy comforts of indoor living this winter.
A loving tabby cat mother refuses to let go of her precious single kitten after their courageous rescue from a life on the unforgiving streets.
The rescued kitten couldn’t have found a more perfect companion to snuggle up with.

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Jennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock
Last month, four tiny kittens were surrendered to the Humane Society for Hamilton County as strays, without a mother cat. They were approximately four weeks old and were in desperate need of a temporary home.
Jennifer, a dedicated volunteer for the shelter, was approached and asked if she could provide a safe haven for the kittens. Without any hesitation, she welcomed them into her care with open arms.
“One of the shelter staff members mentioned that they looked like goblins, so they were given the names Goblins,” Jennifer shared with Love Meow.

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Billy, Kate, Stripe, and Gizmo were the adorable quartet of kittens that arrived at NewKittensOnTheBlock. Right from the beginning, their inquisitive nature, fearlessness, and playful dispositions shone through. As soon as they set foot in their new room, they wasted no time in dashing around and exploring every nook and cranny they could find.

Among the four, Gizmo stood out as the fluffiest and most distinctive of characters. In fact, he made himself known to his foster mom with his adorable yet high-pitched meows, which were strangely reminiscent of tiny squeaks.

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Gizmo is quite the chatterbox, according to Jennifer from NewKittensOnTheBlock. The adorable felines had some stomach troubles and needed assistance in grooming their faces and paws. It seems they were taken away from their mother too early and had difficulties feeding themselves.
“They couldn’t even figure out how to drink from the bottle. I tried mixing formula with their food, but they weren’t consuming enough to gain weight,” Jennifer shared with Love Meow.

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Jennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock
After struggling with the bottle for two days, Jennifer decided to try offering formula in a dish instead. The kittens were immediately intrigued and began sniffing around. Once they tasted the food, they eagerly lapped it up.
With their little bellies full from each meal, the kittens started to put on some weight. “After a few days of formula in a dish, they also started eating wet food much more easily, so I could gradually eliminate the formula altogether.”

tabby kittens siblings

Kate and Stripe
Jennifer from NewKittensOnTheBlock
Gizmo remained a natural phenomenon. Despite his small size, he was loud, spirited, and prone to dramatics, conquering every cat tree and vigorously attacking the feather toy.
His fur was the longest but also the most disheveled, keeping his foster mom occupied with constant cleaning duties.

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Jennifer works at NewKittensOnTheBlock, where she is surrounded by adorable feline companions. Among them are her siblings, Kate, Stripe, and Billy, who each possess their own unique personalities. In particular, Billy is quite fixated on their foster mom and can often be found climbing up her legs and shoulders, seeking her constant attention.

“When I’m sitting in the pen, I’ll occasionally notice that Billy has somehow snuggled his way into one of my hands. He absolutely loves being cradled like a baby, stretching out on his back and drifting off to sleep.”

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Billy and Jennifer, who work at NewKittensOnTheBlock, witness the playful antics of two mischievous tabbies named Stripe and Kate. These two cats seem to thrive off each other’s energy, always bouncing and pouncing on top of one another and engaging in endless wrestling matches.

The scene becomes even more chaotic and entertaining when all four kittens zoom around their playpen at the same time, creating a delightful symphony of tiny paws patter. These little ones are such busybodies that they never seem to take a break until exhaustion finally catches up with them.

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Jennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock
One after another, the kittens gather together, curling up in a cozy heap, purring themselves to sleep.
In just a matter of weeks, they have experienced tremendous growth. Kate, who used to be the tiniest among them, has now surpassed her brothers, Stripe and Billy. Gizmo currently holds the title for the heaviest weight among the litter.

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Jennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock
With an extra spring in his step, Gizmo is showing more courage than ever before, always being the first to explore new things. “As he grows bigger, his attitude becomes more sassy.”
“They take pleasure in playing with any and all toys and chasing or wrestling with each other. They thoroughly enjoy snuggles. They are relishing their newfound access to the cat tree and basking in the sunlight by the window, all piled up together.”

fluffy gremlin kitten gizmo

Jennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock
Feeling the festive vibes, Jennifer spruced up the room with some holiday-inspired scratching posts.
The kittens wasted no time and eagerly pounced on the toys, immersing themselves in a flurry of excitement. They frolicked around, scaling up and down the posts, playfully swatting at the toys, and transforming the place into their very own playground.

kittens playing Christmas toys

Jennifer at NewKittensOnTheBlock
Given a fresh start, these adorable kittens will have a delightful winter in a loving home where they will be spoiled with delicious meals, cozy blankets, and plenty of cuddles from their new owners.
Gizmo, the mischievous ringleader, is busy getting acquainted with the resident cats who will serve as guides and mentor the kittens on the ways of feline life.

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Jennifer from NewKittensOnTheBlock
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