“Incredible Feline Climbing Abilities Take Social Media by Storm”

It’s no secret that cats adore climbing, but a certain feline in China has taken it to a whole new level. Meet Qiqi, a three-year-old British shorthair who has earned the nickname ‘spider-cat’ from amused netizens in China. This nimble kitty was caught on video scaling a wall like a pro, showing off her impressive agility and dexterity. Qiqi’s owner, Ms Luo, revealed to MailOnline that her pet has always been an enthusiastic climber, spending most of her days bouncing up and down with ease.

A Chinese video featuring Qiqi, a British shorthair cat, has gone viral as it shows the feline climbing a wall with impressive skills akin to those of a professional climber.

A feline named Qiqi, a British shorthair aged three, has garnered a reputation as the “spider-cat” among Chinese internet users. This is due to a recent video of Qiqi scaling a wall with ease, which was captured by Ms. Luo, a high school teacher in Leshan city, Sichuan province. According to Ms. Luo, Qiqi has always enjoyed climbing and strives to reach the highest point in any given space, be it a wall or door. Initially, Ms. Luo was concerned that Qiqi might fall while climbing, but the agile cat never failed to impress her owner with her skillful paws.

Last month, a British shorthair belonging to Ms. Luo, a high school teacher, provided her with some entertainment at her residence in Leshan city, located in Sichuan province in southwestern China. The amusing scene was captured on camera.

According to MailOnline, a pet owner named Ms Luo from China shared that her cat Qiqi is an expert climber and enjoys jumping up and down all day. Ms Luo shared videos of Qiqi’s climbing adventures on Douyin, similar to TikTok, and one of the clips went viral. Social media users were amazed by the British shorthair’s agility and playfully nicknamed her the “spider cat.” One commenter even compared Qiqi to Spider-Man, while another joked that they thought they were watching a lizard climb instead. Some users expressed concern for the damage Qiqi may cause to Ms Luo’s furniture, particularly the wallpaper.

Meet Qiqi, a three-year-old British shorthair residing in the southwestern city of Leshan in China who has become famous for her impressive climbing skills. Dubbed as the ‘spider-cat’ due to her ability to scale walls, Qiqi’s muscular hindquarters and strong back allow her to leap several feet in any direction, while her sharp claws provide the grip and leverage needed to climb up vertical surfaces such as trees. Although cats occasionally misjudge distances when climbing, Qiqi lands softly and soundly most of the time. However, Mi Bu, another British shorthair living in Guizhou province, was not as lucky when his furry friend, a Shiba Inu named Mi Yuan, sabotaged his attempt to escape through a pet gate in a viral video clip.

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