Introducing Mose: The Charming and Comical Charcoal Bengal Cat

In this area, we have a slight obsession with Bengal Cats. It’s just too difficult to resist their beauty, intelligence, and uniqueness.
Meet Mose, a charming four-year old Charcoal Bengal Cat who happens to have a little obsession with The Office, a well-known American TV sitcom featuring Steve Carell, John Krasinski, and Rainn Wilson, among others. Mose’s Instagram account is a delightful blend of stunning visuals and witty captions that will keep you entertained.
With his dashing looks, Mose is a truly handsome feline, and we wholeheartedly recommend following his social media for endless laughs. Don’t miss our conversation with Mose’s family to learn more about this amazing cat! Rest assured, Mose is living his best life.

This is Mose. He's a four-year old Charcoal Bengal Cat living his best life.

According to the experts at UC Davis, the adorable Bengal cats known as “Charcoal Bengals” exhibit a unique and eye-catching coat pattern. These Bengal kitties have a distinct dark face mask and a thick dorsal stripe, often referred to as a “cape.” The striking appearance of this “charcoal” pattern is achieved through a combination of traits from both domestic cats, particularly their non-agouti variant, and Asian Leopard Cats, specifically their agouti variant.


We inquired about the story behind Mose’s presence with his owners. According to his mother, they crossed paths when the breeder approached her with a proposition for a “project Bengal,” as Mose had a wild upbringing during his kitten days. It was Mose’s captivating big green eyes that captured her heart, and the rest, as they say, is now part of their history.

We asked Mose's humans how Mose came to live with them. His mom said:

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