Kind Act of Empathy: Lady Builds a “Feline Stairway” for Homeless Cats, Providing Them with Refuge in Chilly Conditions

A compassionate woman from Turkey has created a wonderful solution to help stray cats that are suffering in the cold winter months. Sebnem Ilhan, a dentist from Tekirdag, built a cat ladder that leads into her warm home, where the cats can find refuge from the cold weather. Ilhan was initially concerned about how her neighbors would react to the addition to her windows, so she added some flower pots as decorations. However, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, especially among the many cats who have taken advantage of her offer of shelter. In addition to building the cat ladder, Ilhan also volunteers her time to care for stray dogs and cats at a local rescue. She hopes that no animal will ever be hungry or thirsty and wishes for their happiness. Ilhan believes that the world is not just for people, and she demonstrates this through her actions.

She constructed a feline staircase that provides access to her abode.

I constructed a ladder to facilitate the easy access of my feline friends into my cozy dwelling.

Ilhan added some decorations to her property but was uncertain of how her neighbors would respond. To avoid any potential conflicts, she placed some flower pots in the area. However, to her surprise, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly from the numerous cats in the vicinity.

Those who accepted her invitation to seek refuge in a cozy environment.

Constructing a ‘cat ladder’ isn’t the solitary way Ilhan has contributed to aiding animals in distress.

This lady generously donates her time to take care of homeless dogs and cats at a nearby shelter.

She expressed her desire for all animals to be content and satisfied without feeling hunger or thirst. She firmly believes that the world is not solely for human beings to inhabit and thrive in.

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