“Lonely Feline with Heartbreaking Stare Rescued from Abandoned Dumpster”

A melancholic-looking cat without a name was found in a garbage container.

The feline in the photographs goes by the name Mami and she has the most mournful eyes in the animal kingdom. Mami was found abandoned as a kitten in a dumpster about a year ago. The woman who stumbled upon her was shocked to find a perfectly healthy kitten left to suffer such a fate. Without hesitation, she called a friend of hers who adores cats. Sinead Schaefer agreed to take the cat in, gave her a bath, fed her, and let her rest.

In the beginning, the kitten was very scared and constantly hid away. It even hissed at Sinead, making her think that this behavior would never subside. Despite trying different methods, nothing seemed to work for weeks. Eventually, Sinead and her partner decided to introduce a new kitten named Morty into the family to give their kitten a sibling. Amazingly, this trick worked and the first kitten became much more energetic and playful.

Unlike Mami, Morty definitely displayed affection towards his parents right from the start. Initially, Mami wasn’t too fond of him, but she eventually grew to warm up to the idea of having a sibling. After just a few weeks, the two became inseparable!

Morty was a great help in calming down Mommy. It’s safe to say that he reminded her how to be a cat again. He taught her how to play and meow for food when she’s hungry. But most importantly, he showed her that her new owners won’t hurt her. Although Mommy looks a bit sad, she’s definitely trying to be as happy as she can be.

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