Lost Alone in the Wilderness: A Journey with Newborn Puppies, Suffering from Hunger and Thirst, Crying and Pleading for Assistance

The story of the abandoned mother dog and her puppies started out as a normal day for the animal rescue team until they received a call that led them to a heartbreaking discovery. A dog, now known as Crystal, was found with her three newborn puppies. It was evident that the mother dog had been abandoned by someone, leaving her and her puppies to fend for themselves without any care or support.


The story of Crystal was even more tragic when the team learned that many people had stolen her other puppies. Only three remained, and the team prayed that they would survive. The team baptized her with the name Crystal, and noted that she was already older than years old.


The reason why the red team could not understand how Crystal managed to endure such a painful birth in her fragile state was because she was very thin and needed good food and vitamins. Despite her condition, she remained a wonderful, active dog and a good mother to her puppies.


Sadie, the puppies of Cristal were feeling ill and restless, and one of them was seriously unwell. She didn’t want to eat or drink, and she had vomiting and diarrhea. The responsible thing to do was to take the puppy to the clinic immediately, fearing that she might be suffering from a virus.


The puppy had a severe case of vomiting and diarrhea, which required hospitalization. The veterinarian prescribed medication and advised for her to have a nice nap and wake up hungry. She will be with her mother until she gains strength and recovers, and her little brother is also undergoing observation and will receive the same treatment.


The story of Crystal is a reminder of the cruelty that some people inflict on innocent animals. The animal rescue team hopes that Crystal and her puppies will find a full recovery and eventually find a loving forever home. They urge everyone to adopt, spay or neuter their pets, and report any animal abuse they may encounter.


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