Meet Pisco, the adorable kitty doppelganger of the famous Puss in Boots!

puss in boots doppleganger @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK

Say hello to Pisco, the charming golden British shorthair cat with soft ginger-colored fur and big, soulful eyes reminiscent of the famous Puss in Boots from Shrek 2. With a look that could melt anyone’s heart, he’s become quite the star on Instagram, where he’s amassed a following of over 600,000 fans. Despite his undeniable cuteness, Pisco’s owner doesn’t give him treats all day long, ensuring that he stays healthy and happy. Instead, Pisco is showered with love and affection, and is known for his fondness for snuggling up with his human companions. It’s easy to see why this delightful feline influencer has captivated so many hearts.

Pisco the golden british shorthair

Pisco, a renowned feline personality on Instagram, has amassed a following of more than 600,000 fans. However, Pisco wasn’t always the affectionate and cuddly cat he is today. According to his owner’s responses to an Instagram Q&A, Pisco used to be timid and disliked physical contact. Nevertheless, his owners showered him with love every day without pressuring him to snuggle or hold him. As time passed, Pisco’s confidence grew, and he became more inquisitive, eventually transforming into the super-adorable teddy bear he is today. Pisco now resides in New York City and enjoys a lavish lifestyle filled with toys and attention. Luckily, he adores posing for photographs so that everyone can appreciate his beauty.

Pisco, the Golden British Shorthair

Pisco is a feline who lives in the bustling city of New York with his human owners (Photo: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK).

pisco the golden shorthair

Oh my, have a look at that incredibly plushy feline! (Credit for the picture goes to @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat

The fluffy cat was adopted when he was just a baby of four months old. Now, he lives a life of luxury with all the toys and treats he could ever want. (Photo: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat doing his puss in boots expression

It appears that he loves getting cozy and cuddling up (Photo: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK).

pisco the cat

The individual in the picture certainly has a talent for striking a pose in front of the camera. Their skills are impressive and it appears as though they have a natural ability to work the camera to their advantage! (Photo courtesy of @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

pisco the cat yawning

You don’t want to pass up the chance to give him a follow! (Picture credit: @pisco_cat/Splitpics UK)

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