Meet Pumba, the domesticated wild cat who loves to lounge and watch TV with his owners!

According to the owner, despite its fierce appearance, Pumba the caracal is actually a gentle giant. This species of medium-sized wild cat, typically found in Africa and parts of the Middle East, lives with its owner in Latvia where keeping them as pets is legal. Deniss Jegorovs, the owner of Pumba, shared that his cat hates being alone and enjoys sitting next to them while watching TV. However, owning a big cat comes with big responsibilities such as providing three meals a day. Pumba also enjoys spending time with two other cats, a Maine Coon and British Shorthair.

While Pumba the wild animal may offer moments of purrs and cuddles, it’s important to keep in mind that his natural instincts can still shine through. Deniss notes that Pumba is typically a gentle creature, but can become aggravated if provoked. As expected, Pumba’s wild tendencies have led to instances where he hisses at his caretakers and attempts to flee from his domestic abode.

One of our biggest concerns is ensuring that Pumba doesn’t escape our territory since he has gotten lost before and we had to search for him for two days. In the winter, our lake freezes, and Pumba tries to leave by crossing it, so we keep him indoors during this season. During the summer, Pumba lives outside until the weather starts to cool in the fall when we bring him inside. When people see Pumba for the first time, they tend to have mixed reactions; some are excited, while others are scared and wonder if he’s dangerous. However, Pumba’s owner assures us that he’s a gentle creature despite his imposing size.

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