Meet the Enchanting Feline with a Coat that Mesmerizes Thousands of Social Media Fans: NgocChau.

Social media users are going wild over a feline with a magnificent mane that resembles that of a lion. Introducing Vivo, a three-year-old Maine Coon who has been gaining popularity on Instagram ever since his owner began sharing his photos two years ago. With his graceful and awe-inspiring appearance, piercing yellow eyes, and features reminiscent of a wolf, some have even dubbed him ‘part lion, part wolf, part human.’ Vivo resides in Guangzhou, China, along with his loving owners Robert and Izabella Sijka. His breathtaking looks have earned him a reputation fit for royalty, making him one of the most adored cats on social media.

Vivo (above), a majestic-looking Maine Coon, has been winning over fans online due to his steely stare and his elegant appearance

Vivo, the charming Maine Coon, has been causing a stir online due to his captivating stare and elegant presence.

The three-year-old cat (above) has been described as looking like a 'royal descendant' due to his magnificent appearance

This cat shown in the picture is incredibly majestic and has been compared to a royal descendant due to his stunning appearance. Despite being only three years old, this feline is already causing a stir with his remarkable features.

Vivo currently has 10,000 followers on Instagram

Vivo, who is usually known for his fierce demeanor, has gained a large following of 10,000 on Instagram. Some describe his appearance as a mix of a lion, wolf, and human. On his social media page, Vivo’s videos showcase him slowly shaking his long fur and giving a piercing stare that some interpret as disapproval. Many people believe that if there was a royal bloodline for house cats, Vivo would be the king, with some even claiming they would follow him into battle. Despite this, some have found his intense gaze a little too unnerving, with one Facebook user admitting to feeling guilty when Vivo stares at them. It’s worth noting that the name “Vivo” means “alive” in Spanish and “I live” in Latin, which many users believe is fitting given his love for life. Vivo is a black smoke Maine Coon cat, which explains the unique appearance of his fur.

The cat is gaining a following of admirers and 'worshipers' who have joked that they would go to war for the regal looking cat

The magnificent cat has garnered a following of enthusiasts who lovingly call themselves worshippers. They joke about being protective of the noble feline if ever the situation arises.

Vivo is described as a 'black smoke Maine Coon' due to the impressive appearance of his monochrome fur.

Vivo is not your ordinary cat. What sets him apart from the rest is his stunning black smoke Maine Coon coat. His monochromatic fur is absolutely impressive and makes him hard to overlook.

The colors of his fur, which include black, grey and white, have left social media users smitten online

The online community has shown a great fascination with the striking fur coloring of this particular feline, which boasts a stunning blend of white, grey, and black hues. The Maine Coon is a natural breed that has been in existence for over a century, making it one of the most ancient breeds in North America. The State of Maine recognized its resilience in harsh winter environments by declaring it as the State animal in 1985. There are various theories about the origins of the breed, such as its relationship to Marie Antoinette’s long-haired cats or its sea-faring history, where it was a pet of a sailor named ‘Coon’ who mated with local cats in Maine during the 1700s. However, most people believe that it is a hybrid of short-haired domestic cats and long-haired cats brought over to America by New England seamen and Vikings. Typically, male Maine Coons weigh between 13 and 18 pounds, with some reaching up to 25 pounds, while females tend to weigh between 9 and 12 pounds. Interestingly, these cats don’t reach their full size until they are three to five years old.

Some have commented that Vivo looks like a member of the royal family

Vivo has caught many people’s attention due to his striking resemblance to a member of the royal family. Many have even pointed out that in photographs, he exudes a ‘blue steel’ vibe that brings to mind the character from the popular film Zoolander.

Others said he could  be pulling a 'blue steel' look from film Zoolander and more.

One individual made a witty remark about the way the cat was looking, stating that it seemed quite “alluring”. They went on to mention that the cat had only let out a single meow, which could indicate that it was just hamming it up for the camera.

The spontaneous impregnation of every female cat in a ten mile radius followed'

Immediately following this incident, a multitude of female felines in a radius of ten miles became pregnant without any forethought or deliberate action.

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