“Rainbow’s Adventures: From a Little Feline to a Fabulous Teenager”

Little is known about the beginnings of Rainbow’s life. She was the first kitten born in a litter of five, and like most first-borns, she had a difficult time during delivery. Her struggle was due to her being the first to pass through the birth canal. When Rainbow was born, she had trouble breathing, and it was an emotional moment for us all. Fortunately, my mother was there to assist with the birth process, and she worked hard to revive Rainbow. Despite the odds, Rainbow eventually began breathing again. It was amazing to see her heart beating, and hear her sweet little purr. We were all concerned about whether she would continue to thrive in the coming days, but she did! Rainbow grew up to be a lively and happy cat. Every time I see her now, I am filled with gratitude that we were able to save her life.

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