“Rejoicing in the Resilience and Blissful Presence of Our Animal Companions: A Tribute by H. Tr.”

Regrettably, Canada has lost one of its most adored and joyful personalities as Smiley crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Despite fighting cancer for three months, the blind golden retriever spent 15 years serving as a therapy dog. However, he was euthanized.

Joanne George, the owner of Smiley, announced on her Instagram that they would be saying goodbye to their dear friend, as it was the only way to repay him for all he had done for them. The next day, Smiley was released from his duties as a therapy dog. Smiley had brought comfort to patients of all ages at hospitals and nursing homes in Stouffville, Ontario, including those with autism. He had garnered a massive following of supporters from all around the world, with over 200,000 Instagram followers.

Out of all of Smiley’s friends, George’s son Shepard will miss him the most. George shared a photo of Shepard visiting Smiley’s burial site after the dog passed away. George wrote that a boy and his dog inevitably have to say goodbye, but Shepard understands that the pain he feels is a result of loving Smiley with his whole heart. Like George, Shepard has no regrets because the love and joy that Smiley brought them were worth the sorrow they now feel.

Months ago, George took to her Facebook account to share the news about Smiley’s cancer diagnosis. She expressed how difficult it was for her to type out the announcement that a mass/tumor was found on his stomach and liver. George also shared how devastated she was and how the news came as a shock to them. Smiley had been lively lately with an extra spring in his step, so the news was hard to comprehend. It seemed like he would live forever, but unfortunately, they didn’t have much time left with him.

A heartwarming tribute to a dog known for his exceptional kindness was created by CBC Toronto in the form of a film. The touching story of Smiley deeply resonated with countless fans worldwide.

A comment was shared expressing gratitude towards the kindness and affection shown towards Smiley after his passing. The commenter believes that such actions prove the existence of compassionate individuals in the world.

If you’re feeling down, don’t worry, Smiley the dog wouldn’t want you to be sad. To lift your spirits and put a smile on your face, simply click on the icon below and enjoy a heartwarming rescue story.

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