“Rescuing a Loyal Companion: Saving a Guard Dog Stranded on a Short Chain”

It was a heart-wrenching sight when a severely malnourished dog reached her breaking point and could no longer stand. She desperately tried to find some comfort on a heap of old cloth scraps, but a tight chain around her neck prevented her from doing so, causing her head to droop helplessly.

Cala, a dog that suffered abuse, was employed as a guard dog by a mechanic in San Jose, Costa Rica. Regrettably, her supposed caretaker failed to give her proper sustenance and neglected to bring her to the vet when she fell ill. Cala’s health deteriorated over time, and it became a struggle to keep her head up with every breath. Community members became worried and took action by informing the authorities and reaching out to Territorio de Zaguates, a prominent local sanctuary devoted to caring for numerous dogs. Time was of the essence in rescuing Cala from her dire situation.

Upon seeing the state of Cala, Lya Battle, who is the mastermind behind Territorio de Zaguates, felt a surge of sadness and anger. The very first image that she came across depicted a helpless dog stripped of its self-respect and on the verge of giving up. It was a sorry sight to behold as the dog’s spirit was shattered, and it seemed like it had resigned itself to living a never-ending nightmare, waiting for the end to come. Cala was swiftly rescued from her abuser’s grasp by the police and the sanctuary staff who responded to her cries for help. She received medical attention from a veterinarian who treated her malnourishment and injuries caused by the tight chain. Eventually, Cala found solace at Territorio de Zaguates, where she embarked on a journey of emotional and physical healing.

Cala went through tough treatments to heal her injuries, particularly the slash caused by years of being chained with a harsh metal collar around her neck. Although the pain was excruciating, Cala learned that the suffering was worth it because she received love and rewards afterwards. She pushed through every stage of her recovery.
Initially, Battle thought Cala was cautious of other dogs because she had never interacted with them before or was taught to see them as foes. But Cala eventually learned to trust other canines and the caring people who were there for her.

According to Battle, Cala’s transformation was remarkable. She started as a weak and depressed animal but gradually became stronger and more confident. With time, she even incorporated playfulness and silliness into her daily routine, revealing more of her unique personality each day. Despite her progress, Cala faced additional challenges when the sanctuary was invaded by cruel individuals who left poisoned sausages, resulting in the death of 16 dogs. Shockingly, Cala had unknowingly consumed one of the lethal sausages, but miraculously survived.

According to Battle, when they discovered Cala, she was still breathing. Battle speculated that her ability to survive may have been due to her size or the fact that she only consumed a small amount of the poisonous substance. Regardless, Cala was rescued and although she experienced neurological issues for a while, she eventually made a full recovery. Battle believes that there are no coincidences and that Cala’s resilience is proof of her unbreakable spirit. Despite years of neglect, abuse, starvation, and illness, Cala survived, and her strength is a testament to the value of life. While the sanctuary mourned the loss of other beloved dogs, Cala’s exceptional survival showcased her determination.

Cala is currently living with a foster family and is enjoying the immense love and care she is receiving. Despite having faced years of abuse, torment, and confinement, she is gradually leaving her past behind and embracing her playful nature. Her foster mother is thrilled to see this positive development in Cala. According to Battle, “After enduring neglect, torture, and confinement for years, Cala is now going through a phase of playful mischief, much like puppies do, and we couldn’t be happier about it.” Cala is now a happy, strong, and willful dog who is a bit stubborn at times, but her foster mom and family adore her nonetheless.

Having spent a considerable amount of time saving dogs, Battle is truly inspired by Cala’s story. It portrays an extraordinary clash between good and evil where love prevails. Battle views this rescue as a source of motivation to keep going and never give up, despite the challenges. She believes that it reinforces the importance of fighting for what is right and will help continue this struggle for a little longer.

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