“Resilient Pup Overcomes Double Abandonment to Find Forever Home: A Heartwarming Tale of Perseverance”

A dog named Tintin, who was left paralyzed, was twice abandoned on the street in a single day by his owners, even after being returned by a kind-hearted person. The video shows a woman leaving Tintin on the road before he was taken back to his family. But a few hours later, the woman’s husband dumped Tintin again. Sadly, Tintin has lost one of his front legs while the other one is also impaired.

In the southern region of Brazil, specifically in Sao Leopoldo, a man was brutally abandoned. This video was shared on Facebook and has quickly gained popularity with over 220,000 views and numerous comments.

As the white car comes to a stop by the roadside, the female driver unlocks the back door, and two dogs rush out of the car. While one of the dogs is encouraged to climb back into the back seat, the other one appears to be pushed away forcefully by the woman, despite being disabled. It looks like Tintin tries to follow the car, limping behind it as it drives away.

As per reports from the local media, a dog was left deserted twice on the same day. The family returned the dog but later, the woman’s spouse took it to another location and abandoned it there. It was a three-legged dog that was luckily rescued and is now safely with local animal welfare organizations.

After the video was shared on social media, over 30 people have offered to provide a home for the dog born with special needs.

At the moment, it seems that authorities in the area are investigating the desertion of the creature.

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