“Saying Goodbye to a Special Cat: Cancer Takes Guinness World Record Holder at Age 15”

Frankenlouie, also known as Frank and Louie, had a one-of-a-kind tale. Initially, a breeder was going to put him down in 1999, but he was saved and brought to Tuffs University in North Grafton. He was unique because he was a Janus cat, which is named after the two-faced Roman deity. Since he was not expected to live for long, Marty Stevens, a veterinarian nurse, decided to adopt him. To everyone’s surprise, Frank and Louie survived for another 15 years. Unfortunately, he died at Tuffs University on Thursday due to cancer. In 2012, he made headlines when he broke the Guinness World Record as the oldest surviving two-faced cat. Despite having two faces, he led an extraordinary life.

R.I.P.: 'Frankenlouie', the world's oldest Janus cat - a feline with two faces - died at the age of 15 on Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014. The Guinness World Record holder passed away at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuft's University in Grafton, Mass. according to owner Martha

Frankenlouie, the famous two-faced Janus cat, has left us for the rainbow bridge on December 4th, 2014. At 15 years of age, he lived a long and fulfilling life but sadly lost his battle with cancer. We bid farewell to this charming feline and hope he finds eternal rest.

Rare: The Guinness World Record holder passed away at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuft's University in Grafton, Massachusetts, according to owner Martha 'Marty'Stevens

Original: Marty Stevens, the owner of the business, conveyed the heartbreaking news that the person who held the global record has passed away while receiving medical care at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton, Massachusetts.

Precious: Marty Stevens is seen here at home with her beloved cat. She called the face on the left Frank, while the face on the right is identified as Louie

Marty Stevens, the proud owner of Frank and Louie, a lovable feline with two faces, recently posted a picture of her beloved pet on social media. Unfortunately, her cat was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after. Most Janus cats are born with defects that make their survival unlikely beyond a few days. However, Frank and Louie defied all odds and even earned a spot in the Guinness World Records as the longest-surviving Janus cat. As a veterinary nurse, Stevens was initially instructed to euthanize Frank and Louie when a breeder brought him to her attention. Instead, she decided to care for him at home, ensuring that he was nourished through tubes in both mouths. Despite his unique condition, Frank and Louie had an indomitable spirit and enjoyed taking relaxing walks around the neighborhood.

Beloved: The Janus cat was set to be euthanized by a breeder in 1999, but Stevens, a vet nurse, decided to bring him home with her

Hello! In the year 1999, a Janus cat was on the verge of being put down by its breeder. Luckily, a veterinary nurse named Stevens came to its rescue and decided to take care of the extraordinary feline.

Fascinating: Frankenlouie was blind in his center eye, but his outer eyes function as per usual

Frankenlouie, the cat with a blind center eye, amazed many with his ability to function like any other feline. It was interesting to note that despite having two noses and mouths, he had only one brain, and both his outer eyes functioned well. Unfortunately, Stevens, Frankenlouie’s owner, is devastated by the loss of her beloved pet of 15 years. She shared how he fell ill during Thanksgiving and had to be taken to Tuffs University clinic, where the vet advised putting him down due to his unbearable pain. Despite her sadness, Stevens is open to searching for another Janus cat, similar to Frankenlouie, to keep her company again. She expressed her willingness by saying, “I would be delighted to have another Janus cat.”

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