“Sign Language Bond: A Deaf Man Rescues and Trains a Deaf Puppy to Communicate”

There’s a heartwarming story about a man who was born deaf and found a puppy with the same condition. The man’s name is Nick Abbott, and he came across the puppy named Emerson on Facebook through a dog rescue organization. Abbott felt a connection with Emerson and decided to learn more about him. It turns out that the two are a perfect match, and they now have a beautiful bond that is truly a fairytale ending.

Emerson, who was saved from Florida at just six weeks old, had contracted the deadly canine parvovirus, which can prove fatal if not treated, as well as seizures. Upon being taken home from the vet’s office in Florida, Lindsay Powers of NFR Maine, said that he had hearing problems. “His life had a difficult start,” she explained on Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning America.

Emerson, the lovable dog, is still in search of a loving family to call his own. Sadly, all of his siblings were already adopted when he was still left behind. Despite being deaf, Emerson is an exceptional pooch who has so much love to give. As per the Facebook post of the rescue organization, Emerson remains optimistic about finding his forever home. Abbott, one of the volunteers, shared that Emerson approached him and sat at his feet when they first met.

“He picked me out. I immediately had a feeling that we were going to click and have great communication,” he said. Abbott is now teaching Emerson commands in sign language, with “S” meaning “sit” and moving the hand in a straight line indicating “lay down,” as reported by WABI-5.

Richelle, Abbott’s mother, shared that it is adorable to see Emerson bark when Nick shakes his ear lobe. Abbott expressed that he and Emerson share a strong bond and are very familiar with each other. He believes that their connection was meant to be and that Emerson is a special dog. This was reported by WABI-5.

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