“Surviving a Bus Accident: One-Eyed Stray Cat on the Lookout for a Loving Forever Home”

Every furry friend, especially those who have gone through tough times, deserves a forever home filled with love and affection. Our pets with disabilities or special needs need an extra dose of love and care from their new families. At the moment, a resilient cat who survived a horrific accident is searching for that perfect forever home where she can receive all the love and attention she deserves just for being herself.

Stray animals often face a challenging life as they struggle to survive on the streets, leaving them open to various dangers. Trudie, a one-year-old crossbreed of Domestic Shorthair, experienced this firsthand when she got hit by a bus in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, in March. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when the injured cat fled the scene before anyone could help her, leaving her to suffer on her own for 16 days. According to RSPCA, “It was like nobody cared.” Trudie spent two weeks alone on the streets, unable to eat and enduring terrible injuries.

After an extensive search, Trudie was finally found and rescued by veterinarians despite her severe injuries from being a stray. According to animal care assistant, Amy Hearne of Metro, Trudie spent a week under the care of the vets where she underwent life-saving surgery to remove her eye and wire her mouth back together. Hearing about Trudie’s survival has left many astonished, given the extent of her injuries. Her RSPCA caretakers named her after St. Gertrude, the patron saint of cats. Trudie has been recuperating for months now, and her vibrant personality is starting to re-emerge.

Trudie is now up for adoption after recovering from her injuries. However, due to the trauma she has experienced, she will require a special home that meets specific criteria. The RSPCA specifies that Trudie must be the only cat in the household and have ample safe space away from roads and trains. Additionally, families with children under eight years old are not suitable for Trudie’s needs. As stated on her adoption page, Trudie is still frightened by the sound of passing cars and vans. Therefore, she requires a peaceful environment, free from external noise distractions. Although these requirements may make it challenging to find a home for Trudie, the RSPCA remains optimistic and hopes to find her a loving family who can adapt to her unique needs.

In the words of Amy, this adorable feline is chubby, affectionate, and playful – a true character who will bring endless joy to the right home. Although still a baby who loves to play, she is also a loyal companion who will gladly snuggle up on your lap as soon as you sit down. Having overcome so much hardship and adversity, we can’t wait for her to find a wonderful new home where she will be cherished and adored for the rest of her days. Mona Jorgensen, deputy manager at RSPCA Southridge, expressed how excited they are to see this little miracle finally thrive in a loving and beautiful new environment. Let’s give this brave and lovely kitty the happy ending she deserves!

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