The Adventures of Homeless Kittens: A Worldwide Pursuit for Their Ideal Forever Home

The journey of these two tabby kittens has been remarkable since they were discovered on the deserted roads of Kuwait.

When the rescuers from Kuwait Animal Aid discovered them, they were in a pitiable condition – emaciated and unhealthy. Among them was a kitten who suffered from a congenital malformation that only affected the right side of her face. Fortunately, the rescuers located another littermate and took all three to a foster home where they received constant care and attention.

The two sisters, Shiva (who had one eye) and Vishnu, were able to gain weight and become healthier thanks to the hard work of the rescuers. Unfortunately, the third kitten, Amani, fell ill with a viral infection and required special treatment. Despite the challenges faced by these “unwanted” kittens, the rescue volunteers never gave up on them.

Despite having a cleft nose and missing her right eye, Shiva remains an active and playful kitty. She loves to bounce around and engage in wrestling matches with her sister. Thanks to Kuwait Animal Aid and their collaborative rescue partners in the United States, Shiva and her sibling have been able to find loving, permanent homes. Their journey took them all the way from Kuwait to California.

Shiva and her sibling were taken in by Rafiki’s Rescue in Anaheim to get the necessary treatment and diagnosis for her congenital condition. According to Megan from the rescue center, the felines exuded immense love, affection, and energy upon their arrival, making them one of the most delightful kitties they’ve ever encountered.

Despite her condition, Shiva was one of the most energetic kittens at the rescue. She loved playing fetch like a dog and spent her nights making biscuits. However, we soon realized that her condition was more serious than we initially thought. Shiva would become winded easily, panting as she struggled to catch her breath.

After undergoing a CT scan and consulting with two experts, it was determined that Shiva’s nasal passage was too intricate for any surgical procedures. However, the bright side is that she can still enjoy a fulfilling and joyful life. The key is providing her with structured playtime and a temperature-controlled living space.

The tabby cat with one eye is unfazed by life’s challenges and enjoys every moment to the fullest. Her sibling Vishnu is always there either being mischievous or cuddling up a storm. Shiva, on the other hand, is blissfully unaware that life could get any better. Each day is a source of pure joy for her.

Following their rescue from the streets and embarking on a journey to a new continent, the pair of sisters grew into stunning feline creatures, eager to find their ideal abode.

This lovely pair was captivated by each other’s playful nature and love blossomed. We offered them a foster-to-adopt arrangement, and it didn’t take long for them to fall head over heels for their new parents and their furry companions.

After receiving months of careful treatment, Amani, the third littermate, made a full recovery. To ensure that all the siblings were together, Amani was also taken on a journey across the ocean to Rafiki’s Rescue. Last month, she finally arrived and is now in search of a loving home.

Shiva and Vishnu are experiencing pure bliss as they reside with their affectionate family, creating a warm and cozy environment with their constant purrs and cuddles in their fresh abode. is the source of the following text.

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