“The Fascinating Story of a Stray Cat with Mesmerizing Eyes”

Sandra Coudray’s heart was stolen when she came across a photo of Jasmine, a blind chimera cat, on the Association Adoption Feline Facebook page. Despite being malnourished and fearful of humans, the French girl fell in love with the stray kitty and showed her a little love to regain her trust in people. Today, the beautiful calico cat loves nothing more than kisses and cuddles and has become very attached to her human mother. Coudray, who previously owned a blind cat, knew she wanted to adopt Jasmine from the moment she saw her. Even when she went away for a few days to visit her family, Jasmine waited on her bed for her return. The feline has brought so much joy and love into their lives that Coudray couldn’t imagine life without her furry companion. Jasmine, who was found wandering and scared on the streets of France, is now living her best life with her loving family.

The little cat was brought to a facility for animals in need.

Upon spotting Jasmine’s profile on Facebook, Coudray was instantly smitten and exclaimed, “She completely captured my heart in that very moment.”

When I met my new furry friend, her foster family told me she was blind. However, this doesn’t change how I see her – she’s just as special and wonderful as any other cat out there.

“I felt an instant connection with her and knew I wanted to provide her with a loving home. This decision was influenced by my experience of living with an elderly cat who had lost his sight with time.”

It is possible that her lack of proper nutrition led to her blindness, and as a result, she developed a fear of both people and other animals.

Jasmine is a furry friend who enjoys getting smooches and snuggles from her favorite human, Coudray. Their bond is strong, and Jasmine loves being by her mom’s side.

“During my recent trip to Normandy for a brief family visit, I entrusted the responsibility of taking care of her to my brother.”

My furry friend would spend most of her days lounging on my bed, eagerly awaiting my return.

“We have become inseparable from her and vice versa. The happiness and affection that she brings into our lives are irreplaceable.”

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