“The Incredible Bravery of Haddie: Escaping Conflict with One Eye and a Resilient Spirit”

Meet Haddie, the resilient pirate dog who has found a new lease on life with her loving owner, Erin Williams. Despite enduring a traumatic past as a victim of illegal dogfighting, Haddie has overcome her fear of other pets to become a beloved member of her Washington D.C. community. With her unique appearance and charming personality, Haddie has quickly become a “dog’s dog,” relishing in playtime with her furry friends. Erin first discovered Haddie on petfinder.com in August 2020, instantly drawn to her one-of-a-kind looks and inspiring story of survival. Having been rescued by a kind stranger and brought to Mutt Scouts in South California, Haddie now enjoys every moment with her adoring owner and newfound companions.


A two-year-old canine had been injured extensively, with the severe damages found on her face. According to a veterinarian, the injuries and behavior of the young dog indicated that she was used as a “bait dog” by dogfighters. It is uncertain what exactly happened to her, but it is suspected that the fighting dogs repeatedly attacked her as part of their training. In this cruel situation, all the dogs involved are victims. However, Erin and Haddie’s lives were positively transformed when they formed a strong bond after being matched together by Mutt Scouts.


Due to the lack of Haddie’s birth date, Erin decided to assign her a birthday based on Dolly Parton’s special day, which is celebrated every January 19th. Though Erin initially described Haddie as an endearing and entertaining companion, she struggled with an intense fear of other animals that caused her to shake uncontrollably at the sound of a dog barking or the sight of another canine. To help Haddie overcome her deep-rooted fears, Erin enlisted the assistance of a professional dog trainer who used treats to gradually familiarize Haddie with other dogs in the area, gradually increasing the proximity until Haddie began to associate other pets with safety and positivity.


In my opinion, Haddie’s charming personality has played a major role in her ability to live with her unique appearance. Her intelligence and adaptability have certainly helped her cope with her condition. Nowadays, Haddie enjoys spending time with other pets in her local park, and she has a cute little hop whenever she gets excited to go outside. She is a social butterfly who loves interacting with people and seeks attention from anyone who is willing to give it. Of course, Haddie needs to wear pharmaceutical sunscreen on her nose and scars whenever she goes outside, but apart from that, she lives just like any other dog, despite her unusual appearance. Although foreigners tend to notice her and ask questions, Erin says that their reactions are not as negative as she had expected.


Erin expressed how much she adores her furry companion, Haddie, and how her distinct qualities make her a delightful presence. Haddie’s optimistic outlook on life is infectious, and being around her exudes positivity. Although there are occasional negative experiences, they are rare. Regrettably, those who have not had the opportunity to meet Haddie are missing out. The pooch has played a crucial role in helping Erin cope with her depression by inspiring her to go for walks and providing solace through snuggling sessions. Haddie even has her own social media profiles, where she has garnered a following and demonstrated to Erin the compassion of the world.

Fighting bait' dog who lost half her face is unrecognisable after finding loving home - Mirror Online

Erin shared her happiness about encountering friendly and helpful individuals in a specific location. She highlighted how her owner, Haddie, instilled in her the importance of cherishing life’s simple pleasures, like rest, snacks, and a comfy spot to lounge under the sun. Erin believed that feeling safe and cared for was all she needed to experience joy.

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