“The Majestic Norwegian Forest Cat: A Regal Sight You Won’t Want to Miss”

If you haven’t had the pleasure of encountering a Norwegian Forest Cat in person, you’re definitely missing out on something special. These gorgeous felines closely resemble Maine Coon cats but possess larger builds and luxurious coats that are irresistible to pet. Commonly called Viking cats or Wedgies, Norwegian Forest Cats have rightfully earned their name due to their tenacity and ability to thrive in Scandinavia’s brutal climate. Their superior hunting skills and waterproof fur coat have enabled them to prosper in the wild for many generations. Aslan, the Forest Cat, serves as an excellent example of a Viking cat – he’s resilient, brave, valiant, and incredibly furry. Together with his loving human companions, he sets off on mini adventures in Sweden’s forests. His photos are stunning and conjure up a sense of awe reminiscent of a feline fairy tale.

According to his social media profile, Aslan declares himself as the “Forest King”. I must admit that his stunning photographs make him deserving of such a title. Hats off to you, Aslan!

Aslan the forest cat

Aslan is marveling at the breathtaking sky of Sweden, admiring every bit of its splendid charm.

aslan the forest cat

It’s easy to see that Aslan, the Forest Cat, loves snow just as much as any other snow enthusiast.

Aslan the forest cat

Aslan the forest cat

Take a look at this charming picture of a small Aslan kitten… those captivating eyes are simply delightful!

Aslan the forest cat

Aslan is not limited to having fun in the woods; he also likes to display his charm in front of the camera at home every now and then.

Aslan the forest cat

Aslan the cat

Are you fond of Aslan the Forest Cat? Keep up with his thrilling feline adventures on Instagram by giving his account a follow. And, if you’re curious about expanding your knowledge about Norwegian Forest Cats (also called Viking cats), check out my exclusive article that’s all about these magnificent creatures.

Viking Cats Norwegian Forest Cats

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