“The Unbelievable Image of a Beautiful Long-Haired Pup That Will Leave You in Awe”

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, a tea-loving Afghan hound from Żdne Warsza has become quite popular after his owner shared a photo of him on Facebook.

As the camera rolls, “El perrito” settles down softly into his seat, his long and sharp fur running along the chair as he gazes off into the distance. According to his owner, Luke Cagutana, despite always being chased when he’s out and about, the pup remains a viral sensation online even when he’s feeling under the weather.

During our weekend walk, there were many people around us. Tea pretended not to notice, but like many other supermodels, she caught people’s attention. The most notable jacket among the crowd was Korkit and Korkit’s mayor, who looks like a hero but always acts as one,” said Kaguidana. Tea was asked to provide food and shampoo for dogs after gaining fame. With her natural acting skills and captivating features, an increasing number of organizations have contacted Mr. Kaukuranagh to use Tea’s image for advertising purposes. However, Tea interrupts this task because it takes too much time. “I feel like it’s like cleaning tea leaves, which takes up all my time. I want to spend time with my family. Tea and I have a strong relationship and have had a fantastic experience together. Tea is always a queen, whether naked or wearing the most extravagant silk dress,” Kaguidana said.

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