“Touching Encounter: A Determined Pup Chases After Rescuers, Tugging at Hearts Around the World.”

Over the past few days, a set of pictures depicting a dog following a group of soldiers on patrol and seeming to want to join them has caused quite a stir on social media platforms. The images have quickly gone viral in various countries like Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and Thailand, and people are eager to know more about what led to this heartwarming moment.

Over the past few days, a set of images depicting a dog chasing after a group of soldiers on patrol, seemingly asking to join them, has taken social media by storm. The pictures have gone viral in countries like Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, with people clamoring to hear more about this heartwarming moment. According to some netizens, the dog was just wandering around when it saw the soldiers passing by and decided to follow them on their mission.

Several people online shared a story about a dog roaming the streets and being chased by the army on patrol. However, this is actually a series of photos captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero during the quarantine period in Tupiza, Bolivia. The images show army vehicles on patrol to enforce regulations and maintain public safety.

As per the information on Los Tiempos website, a group of pictures was captured by photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero in Tupiza, Bolivia during the quarantine period amid the epidemic. These images portray an army vehicle patrolling the streets to ensure that the people abide by the rules and regulations.

According to Los Tiempos, photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero captured a series of photos in Tupiza, Bolivia during the quarantine period. The images feature a military vehicle on patrol to ensure adherence to regulations, with a fawn dog named Gorda sitting inside. Although Gorda appears to be a stray, she is actually a beloved pet at the barracks and the mascot of a division. Colonel Luis Pachecho – Director of the Department Army logistics IV – explained that each regiment adopts dogs, who live, eat, and train with soldiers. When Gorda saw her soldier “brothers” patrolling against Covid-19, she ran after them and was picked up to join the mission. The heartwarming moment was captured by Chumacero’s camera.

The fawn dog named Gorda is not a stray on the streets, but rather a beloved pet in the military barracks. According to Colonel Luis Pachecho, Director of the Department Army logistics IV, each regiment adopts dogs who live and train alongside the soldiers. Gorda serves as the mascot for his division. During the outbreak of Covid-19, Gorda eagerly followed the soldiers patrolling against the epidemic, prompting them to take him along. This heartwarming moment was captured by a photographer. Interestingly, another gray dog named Multicam, who serves as the mascot for a different division, also ran over to join Gorda in the car.

On the online forum, a picture of two adorable dogs has caught the attention of many users who have started manipulating the image in various ways. Regardless of whether they know the backstory of these furry friends or not, people can’t help but comment on how cute they are. In a time when many are feeling stressed due to the ongoing epidemic, these pups have brought some much-needed happiness to people’s lives.

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