Trembling with Fear: A Shelter Dog’s Final Days Before Euthanasia

All dogs and cats should be treated with love and given a fair shot at life. Sadly, overcrowded shelters are unable to accommodate all the young and old pets, leading to euthanasia. There are millions of pets waiting to be adopted from animal shelters, some of which are on death row. These animals have a limited time frame to be adopted before the shelter decides to put them down.

Let me tell you about Mocha, a lovable pit bull crossbreed who is just one year old. Unfortunately, her previous owner didn’t have a heart and chose to surrender her along with another dog to the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Salisbury, North Carolina. However, there’s hope for Mocha as she has an adoption date set for November 1st. But in case she doesn’t find a forever home by then, the shelter will have to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize her.

As Albina Albia Chanel walked past the cages at the shelter, her heart went out to a shivering puppy that looked terrified. Covered in fleas and paralyzed with fear, the puppy’s situation left Albina heartbroken. She knew she had to do something to show the puppy, named Mocha, that not everyone is bad and to give her a chance at finding a loving family.

Every day, we face cruelty and wickedness. This dear girl has shattered my heart into a million pieces. She’s nothing but skin and bones, infested with fleas, and constantly trembling. She doesn’t even have the energy to go for a walk. People can really get on my nerves sometimes. But we must keep pushing, Mocha. This little pup has already seen so much evil in just one year of her life, it’s heartbreaking.

In an effort to share her thoughts and emotions, she composed a letter as if it were written by her dog, Mocha, and shared it on Facebook. In the post, Mocha expresses concern for her puppies and sadness about her own situation. Despite only being a year old, she feels like she has not experienced a fulfilling life and is currently awaiting euthanasia on death row.

The message stated that the writer trembles excessively in their booth, causing people to overlook them. The writer attributes this behavior to past mistreatment from others. Despite being thin, they enjoy eating. During a recent photo shoot, the writer attempted to be courageous but was unable to stand up. However, they were able to gather the strength to indulge in a treat afterward, which the other girls present noticed.

The letter that left a heavy heart read as follows: “Me and my companion were left at a shelter by our owner. I plead with you to adopt me and provide me with an opportunity for a better life. However, please understand that I may take some time to get comfortable as I am quite frightened. My kennel number is 5. With love, Mocha.” Fortunately, Mocha’s story reached someone who took the initiative to rescue her from the shelter.

Albina penned a letter to Mocha following her successful rescue. The note conveyed warm sentiments, stating that she had composed a message that the world could peruse. Albina wished her furry companion well in her new life, expressing hope that she would be cherished and tended to always. The letter was signed with fondness, as Albina professed her love for Mocha and promised to hold onto memories of their time together.

Big thanks to all the kind-hearted individuals who contributed to rescuing Mocha. She is just one of numerous animals on the brink of euthanasia, eagerly anticipating a forever home. It is vital to contemplate adopting a pet if you are in a position to do so because this is the sole way to curtail the high mortality rates in shelters. Remember to spay or neuter your pets and, if possible, opt for adoption instead of buying!

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