Uncover the Brave and Unique Feline: A Cat with Four Ears, a Single Eye, and an Unstoppable Drive to Find a Forever Home

Georgi Anderson, the owner of Frankie, shares that the feline was born to a mother with a wild nature in a suburban home. Upon discovery, Frankie was found with a living sister but unfortunately, others may have passed away. The owners of the home fostered Frankie and his brother for several weeks to socialize and prepare them before they were taken to a shelter for medical attention and relocation. Despite people being initially drawn to his four ears, Frankie also has an overbite that causes his face to have a sharp appearance. When he first arrived at the animal shelter, Frankie had both eyes intact but sadly one of them burst and had to be removed. Furthermore, he has problems with his hind legs as his knees do not sit properly, resulting in him walking with his legs apart while his knees slide in and out. As mentioned by Georgi, Frankie’s lower canines were piercing the roof of his mouth due to his overbite, and he requires surgery to correct his knee joints. However, this procedure is costly, so Georgi is saving up for it. Additionally, Frankie underwent dental work to lower the height of his lower canines and bring them a few millimeters above the gum line.

By taking out the eye, his life was spared since the infection would have advanced to the extent of causing his demise.

While I was volunteering at the animal shelter, Frankie came in and caught my attention. As luck would have it, I was also a foster carer and was asked to take care of Frankie for a week while he recuperated from his eye removal surgery. It wasn’t just his appearance that made him stand out to me, but his endearing personality and how he curiously explored his surroundings while also seeking comfort from me. When I visited him before his surgery, I was immediately struck by his gentle nature. After bringing him home to recover, I quickly realized that there was something special about him that I couldn’t quite put into words.

The condition of your body plays a significant role in your day-to-day activities. The little ears in front have a minimal impact on his ability to hear and function like ear muffs for his regular ears. Despite having only one eye, he has adapted well, but his night vision is not as good as his feline counterparts. Although his legs make him walk with a wider stance, they don’t cause him any discomfort or hinder his ability to play or leap.

Undoubtedly, his mouth is the primary physical factor that affects him. He faces difficulty in consuming moist food due to his inability to hold it firmly. Instead, he utilizes his tongue to grasp the kibble and then transfer it into his mouth.

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