Unforgettable Tale: Husky’s Brave Act as Savior to Seven Neglected Kittens

Heartwarming Act of Kindness: Remarkable Husky Shows Incredible Courage as it Lovingly Cares for Seven Stranded Kittens
Banner, the noble service dog, possesses an extraordinary kindness within her. Not only does she tirelessly serve and support her owner, Whitney Braley, in overcoming her challenges, but she also possesses an exceptional gift for rescuing and tending to vulnerable creatures in dire need.

Whitney has been raising her Husky, Banner, since the dog was a young pup, and over time, she has trained Banner to assist not just herself, but also others, in numerous ways. According to Whitney’s conversation with Bored Panda, Banner proves to be extremely helpful in recognizing and responding to instances of PTSD episodes, anxiety attacks, headaches, guiding individuals, providing momentum by pulling, retrieving medicine, interrupting self-harm behaviors, and carrying out a few additional tasks.

“Kittens are practically Banner’s constant companions, given our frequent rescue missions.” Two years ago, I stumbled upon my first abandoned newborn cat in a ditch, and Banner lovingly nurtured it into adulthood. Since then, she has graciously cared for and raised numerous litters of kittens. However, the situation we recently encountered was entirely new to her.”

The sight that greeted her was utterly heart-wrenching. Nestled amidst the tranquil woods, a securely sealed cardboard box harbored an unexpected and distressing surprise – seven fragile newborn kittens, just hours old and battling the harsh claws of frigidness. Banner, ever-vigilant, promptly notified Whitney and together they ventured deep into the forest, their mission to rescue the helpless felines. With great care and tenderness, Whitney gingerly opened the container, delicately cradling each tiny kitten in her hands, one by one, offering them salvation from a treacherous fate.

Whitney expressed to Metro that the kittens were likely abandoned and left to die in a cardboard box, with the lid securely closed, as if the person responsible believed that they would remain undiscovered. Banner’s ability to detect their presence remains a mystery. Notably, the kittens were incredibly cold and surprisingly silent. Reflecting on this cruel act, Whitney feels deeply disgusted that someone could display such heartlessness towards defenseless animals. The entire situation is absolutely appalling.

Banner hasn’t budged from the kittens’ company ever since and has wholeheartedly embraced them as her own offspring. According to Whitney, who shared the heartwarming story with Bored Panda, “I had Banner spayed when she was about 1.5 years old, but her motherly instinct is undeniable.”

“Now, my top priority is to find loving forever homes for these little kittens,” Whitney added. She feels compelled to take matters into her own hands because the local shelter has a policy of euthanizing animals within three days. This is precisely why she keeps finding herself fostering baby felines, as she cannot bear the thought of them perishing.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled that, all thanks to Banner, these adorable kittens will now find themselves in warm, loving homes. It warms my heart to no end.”
Banner truly is a remarkable hero, committed to helping all animals and creatures. Not only that, she has gained a massive following on her Instagram and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to visit them and stay updated on the amazing journey of these little felines!


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