Unleash the Unbreakable Will of a Canine Who Triumphed Over Two Abusive Owners and Found Resilience in Life.

Despite Two Heartless Owners, He Endures as a Fighter Who Never Gives In

Harold, a brave dog, has suffered at the hands of two cruel owners. He was born into a local puppy mill where mother dogs are confined to small cages and forced to breed thousands of puppies for profit. Due to overbreeding, animals in puppy mills are highly susceptible to developing serious congenital defects such as heart disease, kidney disease, blood disorders, deafness, and even paralysis.

Harold took his first breaths as a newborn before being sold to an unsuspecting buyer for $7,000. Upon arriving at his new home, he was cared for by his new owner and treated for an upper respiratory infection. Unfortunately, Harold suddenly lost the use of his back legs due to a spinal curvature caused by overbreeding at the puppy mill. This condition is similar to scoliosis and has eliminated all sensation in his hindquarters. Overwhelmed, his new owner surrendered him to Dallas DoggRRR, and he was quickly transported to the emergency animal hospital for treatment.

Harold was hospitalized for two days and had difficulty eating without vomiting. Emergency exploratory surgery revealed ulcers and a stricture in his intestines, abdominal adhesions, swollen lymph nodes, elevated liver values, and gastric fluid in his abdomen and esophagus. Harold has been a long-time resident at Dallas DogRRR and serves as their rescue mascot and social media ambassador.

Although he is a real warrior, it’s heart-wrenching to see him suffer so much. We’re doing everything we can to assist poor Harold. My dear Harold, I adore you!

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