Viewers Astonished by Dog Twice the Size of its Owner

Is this pooch a contender for the title of the world’s tallest canine? Standing at a staggering 43 inches from his paws to his shoulders and tipping the scales at a remarkable 245 pounds, allow me to introduce you to George, the magnificent blue great dane. This gentle giant looks more like a majestic miniature horse than your ordinary doggo. These awe-inspiring snapshots were captured in the scenic parks of Tuscon, Arizona, where George enjoys his daily strolls.

Dave Nasser and his cherished companion, ‘Giant George’, can often be spotted enjoying lazy moments together on the couch. This gargantuan blue great dane may only be in his youthful four years, but he already tips the scales at an astonishing 245lbs and stands at an impressive height of nearly 43 inches at the shoulder. With his calm disposition, Giant George has earned the affectionate moniker of the “gentle giant”. However, it’s not just his size that sets him apart. Measuring a staggering 7 feet and 3 inches from nose to tail, Giant George has the potential to claim a coveted spot in the record books. Previously, the title was held by Gibson, a remarkable great dane who sadly lost his battle with cancer in August of last year. Currently, Guinness World Records is carefully evaluating Giant George’s details to determine if he is the new record-breaker. Remarkably, Dave reveals that Giant George’s height at the shoulder is an exact and unique measurement of 42.625 inches. It’s no wonder that this furry behemoth requires a stupendous 110lbs of food each month and commands his very own Queen Size Bed for sleeping. Dave and his wife, Christine, could never have anticipated that their adoption of the seven-week-old pup would result in such an awe-inspiring companion.

George is undeniably remarkable, boasting a staggering length of over 7 feet, spanning from his nose to the tip of his tail. What’s more, he carries an extraordinary weight of 18 stone.

George, the colossal canine, has become too large for his owner’s SUV and even their king-sized bed. Dr. William Wallace, a seasoned veterinarian from the Buena Pet Clinic in Tucson, was astounded by George’s size and declared him the tallest dog he had ever encountered in his four and a half decades of working with giant breed dogs. Despite David, George’s owner, hurrying to secure the necessary evidence for the Guinness record, other dog owners are stepping forward to challenge his claim. As they await the official results, George is reveling in his newfound fame, boasting his own dedicated Facebook fan page and Twitter accounts. It seems that this gargantuan hound’s potential knows no bounds.

Let’s pause for a moment and admire the sheer enormity of George’s paws, which effortlessly dwarf Dave’s hand. Moreover, George’s colossal stature is truly remarkable, as there is a strong chance that he could hold the title of the tallest dog worldwide, boasting an extensive 7ft-long body and being of the majestic blue great dane breed. Do you concur with this notion? Feel free to share your perspectives and leave a comment on this captivating account.

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