When a sneaky feline meets a lynx in the zoo: An unusual friendship blooms.

There was a sneaky little cat who managed to find her way into a zoo. However, instead of causing trouble, she befriended an unlikely companion – a lynx! The two became fast friends and were often seen playing together. It just goes to show that sometimes the most unexpected friendships can be the best ones.

No matter what species you belong to, friendships can form in the most unexpected ways. Take for example the unlikely duo at St. Petersburg’s Zoo – a European lynx and a common Russian cat who have formed a close bond.

As reported by Love Meow, the kitty was without a permanent residence and stumbled upon some grub near the habitat of a lynx. The big cat didn’t mind splitting the goods and the two of them ended up forming a strong bond.

According to Love Meow, the cat and lynx have a unique bond where they seem to rely on each other equally. Some have even suggested that the cat views the lynx as her mother figure, given that she was only a kitten when they first became friends.

The friendship between the cat and another animal caught the attention of the Zoo, which then decided to adopt the feline to allow them to continue living together. To this day, they remain inseparable companions.

Don’t forget to watch this cute clip featuring them helping each other groom!

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